Find Your Perfect Fit: Criteria for Hiring Sales People – Part 2

Best Practices for Hiring Sales People Part2   Inspiration: Value Versus Volume Defining your perfect fit begins with defining the Sales person characteristics which are most relevant for your particular open sales position. We began this series with an overview of the key characteristics that, together, define what matters when [...]

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3 Ways to Inspire Your Sales Team

New Year - New Goals   "Behind extraordinary achievement you will always discover extraordinary effort."   The Greatness Guide, By Robin Sharma It is a new year and there is no better time than right now to inspire your sales team. One way to get the year off to [...]

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Sales Holiday Hiring

The Misunderstanding of Holiday Hiring Most job seekers have the misunderstanding that hiring stops at Thanksgiving and that "no one gets hired until after New Years." Why do job seekers believe this misconception? I've heard countless times companies are less likely to hire new employees because of "the holiday's." [...]

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4 techniques to hire “talented” sales people

Why companies struggle to hire "talented" sales people Hiring "talented" sales professionals is not easy. Hiring a top producer in today's market is incredibly challenging, very time consuming and it requires a significant amount of effort. Companies struggle to hire because the playing field is far more competitive than [...]

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