How to conduct a successful sales meeting

One of the challenges for any sales manager, especially a fairly new manager, is conducting an effective sales meeting while consistently engaging your team.  It can be extremely difficult to supply your team with valuable information without erring on the side of boring lectures and mundane sales tips.  The [...]

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Meet The New Boss

This is my favorite advertisement of the year. This is a DowJones advertisement from the Wall Street Journal. It is incredibly creative and is amazingly effective at connecting Charles Darwin with today's selling climate. The advertisement continues with this paragraph: "Sales has evolved into a tough profession that puts [...]

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212 Degrees: The Difference Between the Rainmaker and the Average Sales Professional

As a sales manager, one of your greatest responsibilities is to motivate your team. It is your job to build an enthusiastic and energetic environment that breeds an attitude of endurance, persistence and winning. Every sales manager has their own motivational tactics that they've used, but every once in [...]

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Sales 2.0 Conference

Sales 2.0 is a conference sponsored by Selling Power to introduce sales professionals to the new methodologies and technologies that can help accelerate sales growth.  In today's world, buyers are smarter and more educated than ever before, as a result corporations must communicate and share ideas to support the [...]

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Market Turnaround

Remember that company that you cold called last quarter and they laughed at you when you tried to qualify them?  Call them back.  Remember that prospect that you had in your pipeline for 6 months and brought the deal to final stages only to find out that their budget [...]

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