What can executives do better when hiring sales professionals?

I was recently asked to share my opinion on this question, "What can executives do better when hiring sales professionals?" Well, there are many things we can all do better when hiring, but strong sales organizations share key hiring traits that make them more effective than their competition. Executives that hit their hiring quota will consequently also make their quarterly revenue goals.

Our strongest clients follow these 4 key hiring traits when hiring sales professionals. These new hires will produce success and build high growth, positively charged, and contagious sales organizations.

1) When hiring sales professionals, executives must commit to getting it done. The most talented executives understand the importance of human capital and building a successful yet sustainable sales force. Many say that hiring is a priority, but tend to under-estimate what that really entails. Executives that find success commit to a timeframe and hiring process. They hold themselves accountable and dedicate their efforts around building a pipeline of qualified candidates. They work smart and efficiently to find the resources they need to hire top talent. Hiring is difficult, but they put in the extra hours, jump through hoops, and find flexibility to spend time to hire the right professionals.

2) Executives must create an effective hiring strategy. This reinforces leadership, resulting in open accurate communication and defined expectations. A strict timeline and decisive decision making processes must be inspected to achieve exact start date hiring. Planning that begins at projected start date is critical. Working back from the "hire by" date and account for the time it takes to complete each step of the interview process; as well as, the future hires resignation and two week notice period. Expectations must be set with everyone involved in the hiring process and explain urgency and importance. Strong executives understand their pipeline of candidates and know how many candidates they need to interview to make a hire.

3) Executives must be decisive and learn how to qualify candidates as they search for their next top sales professional. Subsequently, they must qualify