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Client Testimonials

Our Clients Love Us

We take our business and brand identity very seriously. Treeline is one of the few firms in the nation to bring top sales talent and organizations together.  Our portfolio of services is a result of thousands of engagements and more than a decade of optimizing the sales recruitment process. As an innovator we have made bold moves to lead the field. Most notably, our Treeline Resume platform which we developed to set ourselves apart from the competition and help our clients keep pace with the changing marketplace. Read through our client testimonials below and contact Treeline today for your sales recruiting needs.

Treeline has done a great job at searching and providing high quality talent. Our organization looks for elements both reflecting experience and culture and we feel that Treeline does a great job honing in on those characteristics and abilities. Treeline has also done a great job with handling all the scheduling for an interview as well. I look forward to continuing to work with Treeline in the future.

Ryan Coogan, Account Development Manager, Sungage Financial

I discovered Treeline Sales Recruiters (or more specifically they discovered me) as I was looking to hire two Sales Representatives in the New England market. I had posted on job boards, used LinkedIn ads, and was using a recruiter that we had used for years, but had yet to hire. Nicole from the Treeline team reached out to us to discuss the recruiting services that they offered. Their Sourcing as a Service solution was just what we needed. From the start, I really appreciated the way that Treeline approached our search. We knew who would be involved with our account and they took the time to discuss our company and sales opportunity in depth. They understood who we were looking to hire and explained how they would find and qualify candidates. On a daily basis, there would be new qualified candidates for me to view in their sales hiring portal DADOMATCH. These candidates had been recruited and screened by Treeline so I didn’t have to spend time explaining the position to them only to find out that they weren’t interested. I had all the information I needed to review in order to decide if I would move to next steps in the interview process. If any concerns or challenges came up, Mike, our account manager was incredibly helpful and responsive. In the end, we hired two new Account Executives with the help of Treeline and they have been welcomed additions to my team. I truly appreciate the opportunity to partner with the professionals at Treeline who introduced me to pre-screened and qualified candidates who were educated on my sales job and company prior to my having to have the conversation.

Joe Pelehach, Vice President, Motorlease

I was very impressed with Treeline’s team and their SaaS program. Our company used the DADOMATCH program for filling four sales roles and had great success! The system was very user friendly and gave me control over the process, as well as detailed background information on each candidate. We were able to fill four sales roles within three weeks, which is an impressive feat considering the competitive job market. I was also very pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness of the Treeline team. They really took the time to understand the roles and our culture so that only the most qualified applicants were applying to our openings. I definitely plan to use Treeline and SaaS solution again and highly recommend it and Treeline!

Christina Zdanis, VP of Human Resources, Risi

I’ve worked with Treeline for a number of years to source solid sales candidates. Most recently, in recruiting for business development roles at Building Engines, we spent a couple of months searching to find the right candidates ourselves but with little success. I reached out to Treeline and within a couple of days we briefed the team and quickly received several qualified candidates. Ultimately, we made two great hires who both started within 30 days from my outreach to Treeline. Fast, responsive, professional and with access to a tremendous talent pool supported by the DADOMATCH service. It’s a great combination and a great team. Thank you.

Stephen Walsh, VP of Sales, Building Engines

As a rapidly growing software security company focused on Enterprise Information Protection it is critical that we hire top talent. With hundreds of customers worldwide we recognize that building a dynamic sales team is critical to sustain the growth and momentum of our company. This requires strong leadership and sales methodology. We decided to engage Treeline to help hire our Vice President of Sales. We needed a reliable industry expert in the field of sales to help build a strong recruiting strategy. Within a short time, Treeline introduced a handful of excellent candidates. All of which were relevant and incredibly talented. By working closely with Treeline we were able to focus on interviewing highly qualified and capable candidates. Our search moved incredibly fast and we were able to secure a very talented Vice President of Sales. Overall, Treeline is well connected in the sales arena and has a laser-light focus on finding the right people

Jum Ricotta, CEO, Verdasys

Over the last 6 years I have had the pleasure of working with Treeline on multiple searches and they always delivered top candidates. Their DADOMATCH service is something I tried for the first time earlier this year, when looking for entry level BDRs and it blew me away. It was a cost effective way for me to identify candidates quickly, while still getting all the benefits of Treeline’s doing their customary upfront pre-screening. If you are a VP of Marketing or Sales that is looking for an efficient way to bring in entry level candidates, DADOMATCH is something you have to try.

Gene Fay, VP of Sales & Technical Services, IMB Resilient

“I have consistently found Treeline to be exceptionally effective at finding us talent quickly for executive and individual contributor positions in sales. Dan is the consummate professional, very effective in his analysis of candidates, meeting prep and especially follow through on all aspects of the process. I have used Treeline for close to a dozen searches for my last two companies with great results.”

Daniel Ross, CEO, Promisec

As a franchisee of Unishippers, my most important job is to find and keep excellent salespeople. It is the lifeblood of my business. Recently, a business associate recommended Treeline, and I decided to follow up and explore the company, and learn about their services. Once I made the decision to initiate a 30 day campaign using Treeline’s Sourcing as a Service recruiting solution, I was invited to participate in a phone call with members of the recruiting team, and I was very impressed with the level of attention given, and the amount of time they spent asking questions, and the effort made to understand what I was looking for in a candidate. Once the search started, I was both pleased and surprised at the number of candidates that were provided, and the amount of information I was given on each. Treeline’s sales hiring platform is easy to use and I received real-time feedback from my Treeline representative throughout the entire search.  Most significantly, I was able to interview a high-volume of qualified individuals, and from this group, I was able to choose the best two of at least 25 that were interested in the position. My overall experience with Treeline has been extremely positive, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an effective, economical way to attract, identity, and hire excellent salespeople.

Mark Ware, President, Unishippers of Birmingham

When NTP Software needed to find a VP of Sales, we turned to Treeline to assist in the search. Treeline worked with a huge sense of urgency to identify top quality candidates, made great recommendations, and we made the hire in just 6 weeks. The Treeline team’s reach is unmatched and their insight helped us find the right person quickly and easily. I would recommend Treeline’s service for anyone in need of sales talent. The company’s understanding and expertise in the sales arena were essential in finding the right VP of Sales for our company.

Bruce Backa, CEO, NTP Software

We have worked with Treeline to hire talented sales professionals for more than a decade. Many of our top sales representatives came from Treeline and we have enjoyed a wonderful partnership. Treeline is exceptional at building sales teams and their innovative approach to offering cost-effective sales hiring solutions puts them ahead of their time. We have found much success by using Treeline’s Sourcing Service. Their DADOMATCH platform is impressive and the Treeline DADOMATCH resume helps my team understand a candidate’s background before we even meet them. The service offers relevancy and critical criteria to help me a hire.

Paul Alves, CEO, QuotaFactory

We hired Treeline to supplement our in-house recruiting efforts and the team promptly delivered. We immediately began receiving a steady stream of talented candidates to help build our growing sales force. The Treeline team quickly proved itself, and became known to the entire staff as a reliable, ethical, and honest firm. I attribute the Treeline’s success to its consultants’ excellent communication skills, sense of urgency, and the fact that they meet 90% of all candidates in person. Treeline’s candidates are very well screened. They go through a very thorough pre-screening process before they are given the opportunity to interview here. The Treeline team is passionate about their work. They hire the right people, which enable Treeline consultants to effectively source sales professionals. Treeline has been an excellent resource to me. I have been very comfortable recommending Treeline’s services to my counterparts and other hiring executives.

Brian Keefe, Sr. District Sales Manager, Paychex

I have worked with Treeline for just over 16 months now. In this time the consultants at Treeline have taken time to learn about my company and keep abreast of changes within my business. This dedication has helped ensure the candidates submitted to our roles are appropriate in terms of both sales experience and cultural fit which is imperative to us as a small but rapidly growing organization. I have found Sean Cashman to be particularly professional, timely and honest in his approach to maintaining the client relationship.

Peter Finnan, Opsview
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