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Revolutionizing Contingency
Sales Recruiting

How Does Contingency Work?

Our contingency sales recruiting service is a high-performing and trustworthy way to hire sales professionals anywhere in the United States, with our average search taking about 30 days.

Our contingency search does have something extra vs. the traditional executive search with our proprietary technology coupled with our expert sales recruiters to revolutionize and modernize the process.

What Makes Treeline Different?

We partner with you through the entire contingency sales recruiting process. You will receive the Treeline Resume for each candidate submitted to your open sales role. We then help you manage the entire interview process from introduction, interview, offer letter, resignation and start date. Our success is unmatched as one of the few firms exclusively focused on sales recruitment. The contingency-based structure means that clients pay only upon hiring a Treeline candidate.

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What are the benefits to Contingency?

You will be partnered with experts in sales recruiting to help you through the entire hiring process. With Contingency, you will have access to our network of qualified candidates and will not pay until we fill the role for you. We are here for market advice, candidate prep, the interview process and job offer acceptance. We run your search with urgency and precision, our average search is 30 days to fill a role.

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