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What is Sales Recruiting?

Sales recruiting is a challenging task that requires a substantial amount of activity, outreach, knowledge and strategy. It can be costly and risky for the novice recruiter and as a result it is critical to obtain outside expert assistance.

At Treeline we are sales recruiting experts. Our secret is a combination of sales recruiting technology, a team of seasoned sales recruiters, two decades of experience, a network of over 200,000 candidates and access to hidden sales talent.

How does our Sales Recruiting Process work?

The first step to engaging with Treeline is to speak with a member of our sales team to discuss your needs and find the appropriate service. Once the correct service is identified, a fee agreement is signed and the process moves very quickly and efficiently. A dedicated Account Manager will run an in-depth discovery meeting with you and the Treeline team of sales recruiters.

We will consult with your team and develop a customized “go to market search strategy” specific for your company and role(s). We use a systematic approach to recruiting the right talent for your open positions and deliver elite sales candidates, matched to your exact needs, within 3 days or less. Our goal is to make an offer within 30 days and reduce time away from selling.

Once we present the most qualified candidates to you, it will depend on your recruiting package to determine next steps.

What makes Treeline different?

1. Since 2001 Treeline’s sole focus has been helping companies accelerate growth by building best in class sales organizations.

2. Treeline is the only sales recruiting firm that has access to hidden sales talent in your industry.

3. We provide upfront and transparent insight on all candidates through our proprietary resume technology.

4. We deliver results by filling critical sales roles in under 30 days.

5. Our sales recruiting success is unmatched and makes even the most difficult search successful 97% of the time.

6. We offer a portfolio of sales recruitment solutions to satisfy every industry and all budgets.

How can you leverage Treeline?

Use Treeline’s network and brand to access the talent you need. Leverage the personal relationships that our Sales Recruiters have with their candidates to meet new talent.

We know there can be no delays when it comes to sales recruiting and understand that vacant territories are lost opportunity. The faster you fill an empty sales seat, the better chance you have of meeting and exceeding your sales target. Treeline will increase your pipeline of qualified candidates and bring you the talent needed to grow revenue.

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