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Sales Recruiting, Simplified.

Reduce the noise.
Control the chaos.
Harness an extensive sales network.

Our Sales Recruiting Packages 


  • Team Based Environment
  • Qualified Candidate Database
  • Cost
  • Bandwidth Needed
  • Process
  • Subscription
  • Exclusive Service

Sourcing as a Service

  • Yes
  • 90,000 +
  • Small Upfront Fee
  • Yes
  • Find, Qualify & Introduce
  • Fixed 30 Days
  • No


  • Yes
  • 90,000 +
  • Contingent Upon Hire
  • No
  • Individual Consulting Service
  • 30-60 days or until hire is made
  • No


  • Yes
  • 90,000 +
  • 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3
  • No
  • One on One Service
  • TBD
  • Yes

Qualified, Interested & Available Candidates Within 3 Days

What is sales recruiting?

Here at Treeline, sales recruiting is speaking to every single person that we recruit to find the perfect fit for our client, the role and the candidate. There is no silver bullet, no single technology that will find you the perfect person for your sales position. This is one of reasons sales recruiting is so challenging. In order to succeed in sales recruiting you need to have an extensive community of sales talent, an energetic activity driven team, know how to find, search and recruit top sales talent while building lasting relationships with candidates and clients alike to find the right fit. Treeline is sales recruiting. It’s all we do, it’s all we have ever done and it’s why we are the experts at it.

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How does sales recruiting work?

For our clients, it starts with a need and a struggle. Your need for filling a sales role and the struggle to find the right person. Once we partner together, the process is very quick and efficient. We schedule an in-depth discovery meeting with you where we will develop a “go to market strategy” for your company and role(s). As we interview and qualify candidates, we have constant open communication in order to find you the best sales professional and offer any consultation during the process. 

Once we present the most qualified candidates to you, it will depend on your recruiting package to determine next steps. 

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What makes Treeline different?

  1. Belief in doing the right thing every day. When we speak with companies, we want to help them find the right fit for their roles regardless of the service they engage in.
  2. We know what to look for. There are intangibles that must be understood and identified in order to find the best fit for your sales environment. Sales is more intimate than your typical job search.
  3. Lasting and honest relationships. We are empathetic and care about making sure our candidates and clients have found the right opportunity together. By recruiting correctly and finding a good match, our brand loyalty continues to grow. More companies refer colleagues to our firm and candidates refer their friends and coworkers. We are here for the long run and have forged many lasting and trusting relationships.
  4. Revolutionized an antiquated process with a combination of technology and expert knowledge in the market.
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How can you leverage Treeline?

If you are struggling to find sales talent or have tried and failed, leverage our years of sales recruiting expertise. Partner with our network of sales recruiters and qualified candidate pool of over 80,000 sales professionals. If you need to hire a sales person and you are ready to hire today – leverage Treeline. We are direct and move extremely fast with pinpoint accuracy. Our average search takes 30 days to complete, and you can expect to see your first candidate within just 3 days! We know there can be no delays when it comes to sales recruiting – hiring the right sales person will directly affect your bottom-line revenue. We do not take that lightly here at Treeline.

Our Process:

  • Discovery Meeting
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Constant & Open Communication/Consultation
  • Interview & Qualify Candidates
  • Present the Most Qualified Candidates
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