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Who uses Sourcing as a Service?

Sourcing as a Service (SaaS) is the best option for companies who have a low budget and enough bandwidth. By utilizing our proprietary technology, you and your team will own the hiring process after we recruit, interview and introduce you to the most qualified candidates for your company and role. We partner with you throughout the process and ask for feedback to ensure you find the best candidate for your role.

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When do you choose SaaS?

Clients who struggle to find a qualified pipeline of candidates or who need to hire for multiple sales roles. Sometimes clients choose us after they have tried job boards that are expensive and outdated which end up creating more work for you with no results. You need candidates who are qualified, educated and interested in your company as well as the role. You just don’t get that from job boards or non sales specific online recruiters.

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How SaaS Can Help?

By utilizing Treeline’s proprietary technology with our expert sales recruiters, you will streamline and simplify the way you recruit for your sales team. Our team of recruiters will recruit, interview and introduce you to the most qualified candidates. Our Treeline Resume will change the way you look at online recruiters forever.

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What are the benefits to SaaS?

SaaS benefits have the biggest impact when you are looking to fill multiple sales roles, grow your sales team and have enough bandwidth to run the process. Do you need more help in the sales recruiting process? Looking for a different Recruiting Package? Check out our other packages.

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