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Sales Recruiters SDR Report

Sales Development Representative Snapshot

This snapshot contains our findings for the average Sales Development Representative. You will get industry data around the following topics:

  1. Salary and On Target Earnings (OTE)
  2. Activity Metrics
  3. Turnover/Retention

Advice When Recruiting Top Sales Talent – From Industry Leaders

  • Nine sales leaders with different backgrounds and from different industries
  • Nine different sales recruiting tips to help your recruiting process
  • Overview on top companies practicing these tips

How to Hire Salespeople From Sourcing to Start Date

  • Tips on sourcing sales candidates
  • Rules to follow when recruiting top sales professionals
  • Outside the box tactics to attract passive candidates
  • How to read between the lines of a bad resume and find a great candidate

How to Hire Salespeople

  • How to understand the personality traits of the candidates you want
  • 12 rules to follow when you are hiring salespeople
  • Effective tools to build pipeline

How to make your Q4 sales hires during the holidays

  • 6 steps to help you hire during the holidays

How to Grow Sales with Professional Support

  • How to recruit and hire the right salesperson
  • How to support/train the sales hires to make them successful
  • How to evaluate your current team to improve

How to Build a Sales Culture of Success

  •  7 steps to build a high-performing sales culture of success

Sales Recruitment Best Practices

2017 Recruiting Trends

  •  This comprehensive guide will cover 2017 recruitment trends and help you improve and optimize your recruiting strategies
  • 10 emerging trends

10 Reasons you Fail to Hire Salespeople and How to Fix it

  • Hidden dangers that plague organizations when looking to hire
  • Identify the pitfalls
  • Create your recruiting plan

22 Places to Source More Candidates

  • Here are 22 new places to source more candidates
  • Some outside the box, some traditional

Sales Recruiting Emails that Work

  • Traditional email recruiting templates
  • LinkedIn messaging templates
  • Tips on what to include in your recruiting messages

How to Hire Recent College Graduates

  • 6 questions to ask when hiring millennial graduates
  •  What to look for in recent college graduates

Sales Interview Scorecard

  • Use this scorecard to hire new sales representatives into your organization
  • Identify personality traits, experience, culture fit and sales characteristics that best align with your role and company
  • Designed for in person, first round interviews

How to Understand Sales Characteristics of Top Performers

  • Sales characteristics that are required in the job you’re are hiring for
  • Learn about technology you can use to make your next sales hire in less time with less cost

How to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Jobs

  • 7 ways to drive qualified sales candidates to your job postings and get a hire

Complete Sales Recruiting Guide

  • A complete sales recruiting guide to find, recruit, and hire top sales talent
  • Learn the recruiting metrics of success and start hiring top sales performers

Fulfilling Your Sales Team Headcount Goals

  • We calculate the cost of your average salesperson and what it costs you per month when you miss that planned hire
  • Develop a plan to not miss your headcount goals

How to Find Your Hidden Gem Sales Candidate

  • How to source candidates
  • What to look for in a great sales candidate

What Exactly Does a Bad Hire Cost You?

  • Learn how much a bad hire actually costs you
  • Learn how to avoid those bad apples

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