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A True Love Story: Technology and Sales Recruiting

Sales Recruiting and Valentine’s Day. There’s lots that can be said about the true love partnership between sales recruiters and their clients, their candidates or technology. Today you will most likely be reading tons of articles about true love, but how did they get there? The first date! When [...]

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Super Bowl Winning Sales Teams – Creating a Sales Team Dynasty

This Sunday the New England Patriots will play the Los Angeles Rams in the biggest game football has to offer. The Rams have the better record but the Patriots are currently the betting favorite. If you’re like me and you love football, this Sunday is going to be [...]

2019-01-30T15:43:27+00:00January 30th, 2019|Categories: Sales Recruiting|

New Year’s Resolution: More Revenue with Smarter Sales Recruiting

The New Year has arrived and with it is your new 2019 sales headcount. Maybe your new budget has increased, decreased or stayed the same, either way, you need to ramp up your sales team again this year.  How can you make the most of the first quarter of the [...]

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The 30 Day Sales Recruiting Strategy

Happy or sad? Stressed about this year or next year? Like it or not, we officially have 30 business days left in 2018. We are all in the same boat, we still need to hire salespeople by the end of the year or need to look at filling sales [...]

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The Future of Sales Recruiting and Technology has Arrived

Introduction Would you like to find the perfect sales person for your position effectively? Would you like a personal consultant to walk you through the process? Would you like some guidance on what the market is saying? Of course, you would! That is the very definition of traditional sales [...]

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7 Ways to Help Hire and Retain Top Sales Talent in a Competitive Market

In January, Forbes released an article with their hiring predictions for 2018, we are more than ½ way through and it looks to be dead on. The very first point in the article is regarding recruiting and how it will become more difficult in 2018. Have you experienced this? [...]

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5 Keys to Simplifying Sales Recruiting

Introduction As we all know, sales recruiting is complicated and some days it might even feel down right impossible. At Treeline, we specialize in sales recruiting, simplifying the process and helping you find the best fit for your team. We have identified 5 tips in the sales recruiting process, [...]

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3 Essential Ingredients for Great Company Culture

Introduction Culture: The original word culture comes from several different origins (Middle English/French/Latin) but they essentially all mean the same thing: to grow, tend and cultivate. Culture essentially unites or divides teams, communities, places of worship and workplaces. The actions of the people decide whether you have a positive or [...]

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Lindsy Joins Treeline-Sales Recruiter

Lindsy attended Northeastern University where she majored in Marketing and Finance and then started her career in advertising, managing large clients' advertising campaigns and budgets shortly after. She planned and executed multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for clients including Reebok, Bank of America and Nokia. She then shifted to Pandora Radio where [...]

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Jason Joins Treeline-Sales Recruiter

Jason holds a teaching certificate from San Jose State University and a Communication degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. He joins Treeline from another recruiting firm where he worked with banking professionals spanning from Analyst to Senior Vice President. In addition, he spent five years in education, teaching and [...]

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