Attracting Your Ideal Candidate in Today's Job Market

Written By: Sean Cashman, Treeline Senior Consultant

JOB OPENING -Technology Inside Sales Representative

Seeking a 3-7 year Software Inside Sales Representative. Responsible for 50-80 calls per day with strong closing skills.

BASE: $50K

OTE: $100K

If interested please send resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Does this job posting look familiar? It should, especially if you are a growing technology company. Many companies are on the lookout for similar talented sales professionals. They are looking for a sales person with a track record of success, has found achievement cranking the phones and closing business, and are passionate toward being a top producer. There is a strong need for exceptional talent right now. The challenge is that this type of sales person is hard to acquire.

Why is this task to increase human capital so challenging?

Many hiring managers do not fully understand the outside influences and situations that a 3-7 year software inside sales representative finds themselves in when considering a new opportunity. The misunderstanding occurs when there is not a complete understanding of there audiences' mindset and the competitive landscape of today's market. ABC Company is a great organization with the best in class technology; the company is growing rapidly, the culture is one of a kind and the company is well financed. From an internal prospective there is no reason why a talented top pr