Ten clues that your hiring process is in need of a 21st century "social" tune-up

In part 1 of this series we identified and discussed the impact of major trends and 21st behaviors (related to social media) on the hiring process. Part 2 will take a more specific look at the ten clues….

1) Are you heavily relying on job posts on monstrous job boards or paid advertising?

Many companies today still garner most of their interested (not necessarily qualified) candidates by advertising (i.e. paid job posts, online ads, and online sponsorships). This is mostly a passive waiting game in which companies toggle between relevance and speed as contemplated below. Another limiting factor with this approach is that fewer and fewer (qualified) candidates are mining job boards looking for new opportunities; and candidates are becoming less interested in paying for the privilege to submit a resume to an often obscured employer and nebulous process. In true social form, candidates will increasingly engage within social recruiting communities of Hiring Managers, other Job Seekers, and Knowledge sources for which engagement is the currency.

2) Are you forced to choose between relevance (a time consuming and imperfect process to refine the output of the job board search) or speed (a process that takes less time but yields an even greater number of unqualified resumes)?

At the core of every monstrous job board is an advertising revenue platform. Scale (i.e. more job posts and resumes) equals more pages on which to publish advertisements; this first and foremost serves the intended advertising revenue mission. Less served are the primary stakeholders trying to find new jobs or candidates. Each job board has their own search structure and filters that allow Hiring Managers to refine their searches. Our community has found that these disparate filters and processes require significant time to manage, and yield results which are still too broad to truly affect hiring behavior. Other Hiring Mangers bypass these filtering tools and redirect time saved interacting with the search engines to combing through resumes to the extent time allows. The challenge for these Hiring Managers is that they receive an even higher number of unqualified candidates which makes it harder to find the right candidates who could propel progress.

3) Is your process passive – meaning, are you mostly waiting for candidates to respond to your posti