Can you have the perfect salesforce?

Reviewed By Chris Simone VP of Sales at Treeline, Inc.


Once in awhile, Treeline recommends a book to our community because the book is actually worth the time and attention of Sales Leaders. Derek Gatehouse's The Perfect SalesForce is easily one of these books that is truly worth your time! This book provides a framework and lens for unlocking the secrets to hiring and retaining the right sales people for your particular company, culture, and product/solution.

Derek Gatehouse challenges the traditional concept that sales can be taught through specific process. Instead, Gatehouse argues, that you can't actually train sales people to sell much more than they already do. After a career of studying high performing sales team, Gatehouse identifies the six best practices of the worlds best sales teams. Controversial and smart, this book will blaze the trail to change the way sales teams are built, managed and retained.

It's not enough to hire a "great" sales person; you need to understand the specific and prerequisite traits and characteristics of your "perfect" salesforce.