Do Sales Spiffs Work?

The topic of the sales spiff has always been a mysterious one.  Most sales organizations have some sort of "spiff program" that they have designed to motivate sales professionals to perform certain duties.  Perhaps they're looking to create competition within the sales force to drive revenue or they just [...]

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Managing Your Sales Team’s Morale During A Down Economy

As a Sales Manager, maintaining positive mental energy on your team is a consistent challenge in any economy.  With unemployment at 8.5%, Dooms Day News Reports all over the media and huge percentages of sales teams being wiped out or dissolved all together the challenge can seem impossible.  With most companies cutting back to smaller and smaller sales [...]

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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are one of the most important data points used by executives to grow revenue in today's economy.  In order to succeed you must create a dashboard of the correct KPI to monitor and direct your sales force.  The market has changed so radically and so quickly that if you don't [...]

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The How-To Guide To Recruiting Sales Professionals

Recruiting sales people can be tricky.  Recruiting the right sales people is crucial.  Remember they are the ones who drive revenue for your organization.  They are the first person a prospective customer will come in contact with.  To simplify the process of elimination, I have created a brief guideline to measure [...]

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