Sales Characteristics That Matter

Sales characteristics of top sales performersThere are certain undeniable sales characteristics of top sales performers. You know those intangibles that spark the argument are you born or made a salesperson.

You’ll hear that in order to be a top sales performer, you need to be coachable, resourceful, resilient, positive, curious, a good listener, competitive, empathetic, creative, communicative, and so much more. And it’s true, those sales characteristics do separate the good from the great.

However, the sales characteristics I am referring to are what makes one salesperson a fit for a sales job over another.

One of the biggest reasons companies fail to hire the right salesperson for their sales job, is that they hired for the wrong sales characteristics.

Sales Recruiters. There are certain sales characteristics hiring managers have to focus on when hiring the right fit for their sales team.

You need to understand what sales characteristics are required. Ask yourself, does this sales role requires someone who has:

  • A transactional or strategic selling approach?
  • Inside or outside sales experience?
  • Sold into general decision makers or C-level decision makers?
  • Sold a product or service?
  • Hunting or farming sales experience?

You also need to consider their previous:

  • Sales quota
  • Percentage to quota achievement
  • Average sales cycle


This is essential data to give you more insight into the right fit for your sales force. If your role has long sales cycles, a salesperson that is used to coming from a transactional sales environment may not be the right fit.

Once you focus on those key and required sales characteristics, then you can focus on soft skills like are they?

  • Coachable
  • Resilient
  • Creative/Collaborative
  • Focused
  • Motivated
  • Entrepreneurial

Predictive Sales Hiring Assessment -Treeline Inc Sales Recruiters

Do they have GRIT? The ability and determination to persevere, endure, struggle, fail, get back up, and hit long-term goals.

{Get the complete list of sales characteristics and their meanings here!}

Sales Characteristics For Sales Jobs - Treeline Sales Recruiters

By understanding these fundamental sales characteristics that can better predict success in the role, you will set yourself up for sales recruiting success.

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Published On: May 17th, 2017Categories: Blog News, Sales Recruiting

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