Sales Management Language That Inspires John Klymshyn

It’s all about the language…

When a Sales Manager wants to find a way into the hearts and minds of their people, they may explore a variety of routes. “Maybe I could run a contest…” “Maybe I could give them a half day off….” “I think I would like it, if I were still in Sales, if my manager did_______”

The reason that precious few of these take hold in the head and heart of most sales people is that they are focused on some sort of tired call-and-response approach to drawing the best out of sales people.

“If I do this action, I hope to get this result.”

Sorry, NO.

Whether your title is Director, Sales VP, or indicates that you are responsible for someone else’s performance, you are, in effect, a Sales Manager. Sales management requires us to reach high, and go deeper.

Not with our folks, but within ourselves.

There is a huge difference between Motivation and Inspiration.

Motivation is what your people bring to work with them every day. The more you attempt to supply or spark that, the more frustrated you tend to become.

Motivation is a personal choice, focus, and mindset. People are motivated to work hard, think critically and clearly, or to act in a professional manner.

And that’s fine. Yet, it is different for each person, and it keeps changing!

When they are INSPIRED, their demeanor, thought process and actions SHIFT.

Motivation Fades.

Inspiration FEEDS.

Your role is not to “get people to do things.” It is to draw actions, ideas and accomplishments out of them… that they did not even know were there.

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