Would You Hire the New College Grad?

Here is a question near and dear to my heart: "As a sales leader, would you hire from the new-college-graduate ranks for your B2B sales role?" The answer to this question really depends on a variety of factors. But I would argue, never dismiss this potential pool of candidates [...]

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What are companies allowed to say regarding former employees on reference checks?

In response to the blog we posted yesterday, a reader asked what the legal boundaries are regarding what a company is allowed to share via professional references.  We asked Attorney Kenneth J. Rossetti, of Barton & Rossetti, P.C., a contributor to our blog, to respond to that question.  Here [...]

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Sales Motivation in a Down Economy

I was recently invited to attend the annual President's Forum by The Entrepreneurship Institute in Boston.  Although originally skeptical, I found the one day event to be extremely informative and enjoyable.  Attending the event were roughly 100 CEO's from many successful organizations throughout New England and three guest lecturers [...]

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