Would You Hire the New College Grad?

Here is a question near and dear to my heart: "As a sales leader, would you hire from the new-college-graduate ranks for your B2B sales role?" The answer to this question really depends on a variety of factors. But I would argue, never dismiss this potential pool of candidates [...]

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What are companies allowed to say regarding former employees on reference checks?

In response to the blog we posted yesterday, a reader asked what the legal boundaries are regarding what a company is allowed to share via professional references.  We asked Attorney Kenneth J. Rossetti, of Barton & Rossetti, P.C., a contributor to our blog, to respond to that question.  Here [...]

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Sales Motivation in a Down Economy

I was recently invited to attend the annual President's Forum by The Entrepreneurship Institute in Boston.  Although originally skeptical, I found the one day event to be extremely informative and enjoyable.  Attending the event were roughly 100 CEO's from many successful organizations throughout New England and three guest lecturers [...]

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How to conduct a successful sales meeting

One of the challenges for any sales manager, especially a fairly new manager, is conducting an effective sales meeting while consistently engaging your team.  It can be extremely difficult to supply your team with valuable information without erring on the side of boring lectures and mundane sales tips.  The [...]

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