At first glance it might be hard to recognize what the Super Bowl has to do with sales recruiters but sports and sales will be forever intertwined due to the competitive nature of both. Let’s use the Super Bowl to understand how these two teams even got to the pinnacle of football and how they might look to sustain that success.

How did they get here?

It all starts in the off-season. That is what every athlete, coach and sports expert will tell you. Working hard when no one is paying attention. What you do when other people might be relaxing and enjoying their time off. In the off-season you are hard at work perfecting your craft, watching how other greats before you did it and how you can make it your own.

How does this relate to you? In order to find and recruit top sales talent, you must perfect your craft in the same the way. You must be working hard at understanding what makes a great sales person in your organization, what sets those people apart. You must understand your role and the goals of the role inside and out so you can find the perfect fit for your team. The best coaches are the ones that study film. They watch film of everything – they want to know how the best of the best did it in the past and how they can replicate it by making it theirs. You need to watch “film”. This means something a little different for sales recruiters – this means learn and listen to how the experts do it. If you have struggled with sales recruiting in the past and you are working hard at your craft, the next step is to “watch film”.

How do they sustain winning?

Practice and attention to detail. Both teams who reach the super bowl will speak about how much preparation plays into their success. Of course, they both have a great team now, but how did each team get those teams into the Super Bowl? Each coach also seems to have a knack for finding players that other teams have deemed “unworthy” as well as getting the very best potential out of every single player.

How do you create a sales team dynasty? Just like these coaches, you are the coach of your winning sales team. You are in charge of finding the sales talent, recruiting them to work for you and keeping them around to create your sales team dynasty. The attention to detail is key for you too. The details go beyond the resume sometimes and reading between the lines. Of course, we all use resumes to qualify candidates for our sales roles but a true master at their craft understands the intangibles and can find the talent that maybe other sales managers miss. Once you find your winning sales team, you need to ensure you keep them around as long as possible – this is how both Super Bowl teams have sustained success this year. Training and motivation are how you will create your sales team dynasty for years to come – invest in them and they will invest in you.

Do you have your Super Bowl winning sales team?

With the Super Bowl only 4 days away, are you ready to create your Super Bowl winning sales team and create a dynasty? It doesn’t matter if this is your off-season or not, now is the time to put in the work, to watch the film and build your team for years to come. If you are struggling to find a starting point or have tried but can’t seem to master sales recruiting – let the experts help you. Treeline has a ton of resources for you as well as a team of expert sales recruiters with options for every bandwidth and budget. Now is the time to create your Super Bowl winning sales team!

Published On: January 30th, 2019Categories: Sales Recruiting

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