Sales Recruiting and Valentine’s Day. There’s lots that can be said about the true love partnership between sales recruiters and their clients, their candidates or technology. Today you will most likely be reading tons of articles about true love, but how did they get there? The first date!

When you are single and decide to go out with someone for the first time, it can be both nerve-racking and exciting. We all have that mental check-list when we meet someone for the first time and if they meet certain requirements, maybe there will be a second date. Sales recruiting has been transitioning from the old antiquated way it has been done for decades into a modern era. That era needed a “first date” to see if they were indeed compatible. The pair I am referring to is sales recruiting and technology.  Many people believe that technology is replacing the human sales recruiter but I believe they work better in a partnership. Let’s go through 5 check-list items to see if it is indeed true love:

  1. Communication is key. A first date needs to have open and free flowing communication. Sales recruiters and technology /Artificial Intelligence (AI) have great communication. AI cannot fully replicate the human element of relationship building or reading between the lines of a resume but can help streamline and maximize the efforts of a sales recruiter. You need a human sales recruiter to build a relationship with top sales talent and form relationships with companies looking to hire those top sales performers. In the same regard, you need technology to get the most out of your process.
  2. Is there a Future? Are you able to see a future with the person on your first date? What people don’t realize is that instead of AI replacing sales recruiters, it could actually create more roles and opportunities for them. If you have the right technology it can help improve business efficiency and tedious tasks. If we can streamline these tasks, we can save money. That money can be allocated for additional support for your sales recruiting team …building a solid future for both sales recruiters and the technology.
  3. Simplicity – Does the other person make your life easier and better? When you are with them on that first date, is the conversation easy? Does technology make a sales recruiter’s job simpler or more challenging? AI and technology definitely make it simpler to qualify candidates. Treeline’s proprietary technology works hand in hand with our expert sales recruiters to qualify candidates with more precision and speed.
  4. Opportunity to succeed– It can be hard to tell this from a first date but you want someone who will lift you up, not hold you back. Sales recruiters and technology also took some time to figure this out. Sourcing candidates is an important part of a sales recruiter’s day to day operation and technology needed to help in that process in order for them to succeed together. Over 75% of qualified candidates passively, not actively, look for a new opportunity when they accepted a new role. AI and technology can help sales recruiters source these qualified candidates and therefore find you the best salesperson for your team.
  5. Speed – This goes with “is there is a future”. When you are dating you need to know how fast you want to move in a relationship. You also need to be on the same page in that regard. Technology partnered with expert sales recruiters move quickly. This partnership will allow you to hire faster. Speed is the name of the game in sales – but not without sacrificing quality. This could not be more true when it comes to forming your sales team! You want to hire the right person, quickly. Technology helps sales recruiters do their job – quickly.

While technology has helped to facilitate many wonderful relationships, human nature is to experience awkward moments including many first dates. Technology can only take you so far when searching to find the perfect life partner. Technology alone will never be able to replace human interaction and those companies that learn how to blend technology and human interaction will win the war for great talent. If you are looking to add sales people to your team, see how Treeline sales recruiting is different and reach out today!

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Published On: February 14th, 2019Categories: Sales Recruiting

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