How to be a successful Account ManagerWhen managing accounts and talking to clients who have invested time and money into your organization, it is important to remember the basic fundamentals of interpersonal interaction. Treat others as you would like to be treated and show enthusiasm in what it is that you are talking about. Stay knowledgeable on your product and communicate frequently with those you are in contact with. Stay in touch and provide accurate expectations along with constructive feedback so that you are on the same page and the client understands your efforts. Three critical traits to constantly focus on when managing accounts are: Being Present, Keeping Composed, and Finding Solutions.


Be knowledgeable about your account and know the work that your team has put in. If you have faced obstacles, make sure you take note of those obstacles and understand where in your process that your team isfinding success or struggling. Respond to client emails in a timely manner and pick up the phone when the client calls. You do not always have the answer to every question, but the client needs to know that they are in this as a partner and have your support no matter what. Be honest and answer the phone/respond to emails promptly to show your client that you are thinking about their account and working as hard as possible for them.


Do not fret, have confidence in your product and your own ability. As an Account Manager, you are not only responsible for building and maintaining business for you own company, but you are also a resource for your clients. Understand, that with success comes failure. You may have great accounts that easy and enjoyable to manage. However not every customer can be pleased and not every client can be successful. When an account turns into a bad egg, never give up on it, but also understand that your product or service is still great andmay not be perfect for everyone. It may be cliché, but always try your best. No matter what the client throws at you, stay composed and confident in your process because at the end of the day, YOU are the professional.


Do not focus on the problems that you are having, but instead, find solutions. If a problem is too great to solve in one phone conversation then consult with your management team and get back to your client with an idea and process that may change the direction of the account.  The more you complain about the problems and obstacles that you are facing, the more time you are wasting. Find a proper direction to move in it, and always take steps forward. Stay aggressive and do not look back once you have learned from your mistakes. No one client is like the other, and remember in sales, one size does NOT fit all. Pride yourself on offering solutions that are unique to your client. Not only will your efforts result in customer satisfaction, but also client retention.

It has been in my experience that the most successful account managers share these common characteristics. If the account manager can be present, remain composed and focus on finding solutions for their clients, they will consistently maintain relationships, ultimately growing business. Give it your best effort and be sincere with your responses. Even if you are sharing unsavory news, the client will respect your candor and professionalism and as a result you will learn from failures and continue the path of success.

Published On: June 10th, 2014Categories: Blog News, Sales Optimization, Sales Recruiting

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