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Hiring Sales People: What’s more important Skill or Spirit?

Should You Hire For Skill Or Spirit?   By Michelle Randall Expert Blogger at Companies spend a huge amount of time and resources crafting business strategies. Even so, most of these strategies end in failure. I saw one company spend half a million dollars and hundreds of employee [...]

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Software Sales Rep Needs 3-7 Years Experience

Attracting Your Ideal Candidate in Today's Job Market Written By: Sean Cashman, Treeline Senior Consultant JOB OPENING -Technology Inside Sales Representative Seeking a 3-7 year Software Inside Sales Representative. Responsible for 50-80 calls per day with strong closing skills. BASE: $50K OTE: $100K If interested please send resume and [...]

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Hiring Sales People Who Can Sell

On December 2, 2010 Next Level, Inc., a sales management consulting firm, invited presidents, CEOs and managing partners, including Treeline, to an event called "Hiring Sales People Who Can Sell." Jim Ayraud, the CEO and Founder of Next Level identified how to find "A Players" in order to build [...]

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