how to write recruiting emails that candidates and job seekers will openAs a recruiter hiring for your company, you are faced with daily difficult task of finding qualified sales candidates. You spend most of your time hunting for top talent. You reach out to your network of professional, you ask for referrals, you post jobs, and you search vast databases and social media sites (like LinkedIn) for qualified sales professionals.

In a sense you have to channel your inner marketer to find creative and effective ways to connect with sales talent. You need to write recruiting emails that actually work and grab the candidate’s attention. If you do not write compelling recruiting emails that people respond to, then your efforts will be futile.

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Here are some quick but effective tips to get a candidate to respond and show interest.

  1. Write Personal Subject Lines

Many sales professionals have their inbox flooded with emails that are considered spam so make sure you write something that catches their eye. Make your subject about the individual, personalize it since it is the first thing they will see. Instead of just saying “Great New Sales Job”, try saying “Kate, a new software sales job opened near you,” or “John, considering a great new sales role?” You can get creative and test which email subject lines generate a greater response rate.

  1. Let them know who you are who you work for

Remember, as recruiters and hiring managers you are mostly connecting with people you don’t know so it’s safe to say the candidates don’t know who you are either. Introduce yourself, your company and why you are reaching out to them. Did a colleague recommend that you reach out to them? Do you share mutual