Are you afraid of the dark?

Despite the constant drum beat of doom and gloom from the mass media, there are plenty of statistics that provide the basis of hope for our businesses and economy.

Economic activity expanded in September in the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors, and employment increased. In short, businesses increased spending and investment. The increases were slight, but they exceeded market expectations and increases beat decreases.

We are not economists at Treeline and don’t even pretend to play economists on TV: we are just salespeople who work hard every day for other salespeople. So we are simply sharing what we are experiencing; which is to say that our clients are hiring more sales people in 2011 than 2010. That’s good news.

Yes, there are big issues out there that are real, such as sovereign debt in America and in Europe namely Greece. Consumer spending is a factor. The Federal and State regulatory policy are also creating uncertainty at the moment. However, the media is exacerbating fears around these issues and making us afraid of these largely nebulous and uncertain risks. They are making us afraid of the dark.

Lately, I am reminded of the mass media drum beats every summer about shark attacks. Yes they happen every year, but every year the media amplifies reported incidents and sightings and make many people believe that the danger is new and escalating beyond control. Honestly, I’m a bit afraid of swimming in the ocean and that was never the case before.

Shedding light on reality can help us make better decisions –

By the numbers:

Date Statistic Market Expected Actual
3-Oct Institute for Supply Management (ISM Index) 50.5 51.6
5-Oct ISM Services 52.8 53.0
5-Oct ADP Employment Change 45,000 91,000