Sales Candidates are in High Demand

As we examine who are clients are looking to hire, it all boils down to the same basic criteria: inexpensive top talent with the perfect skill. You may laugh, but it is true. This is an interesting market and companies feel they are in the driver's seat. To some degree this is accurate, but as an executive search firm exclusive to sales, we have noticed that the tables are turning as we roll into the New Year.

The world is flooded with the unemployed sales person who is desperately looking for their new gig. They will typically take every interview that comes their way. So, if you are looking to fill your calendar with interviews, no doubt you will be successful. However, filling your calendar with "A" candidates will require a different plan. "A" candidates are in high demand.

Just over the past week multiple companies have called Treeline looking for an introduction to top talent. The market is starting to explode and talent is being sought after like we haven't seen in a long time. These candidates are being perused on a daily basis and they now feel like they have a bit of an upper hand. However, you can still find and hire them. The question is "are you willing to pay them?"

Consider these two scenarios: do you hire the sales representative with the perfect skill set who will have little to no ramp up and start generating revenue quickly OR do you hire the sales representative with a close skill set who you may need to dedicate initial training to get up to speed? The deciding factor may be compensation; the job market overall is sluggish, many companies believe they can take advantage of the economic times by offering a lower comp. The mindset of many is "take it or leave it." In other words, "if you don't want the job there are ten other people who will." There's definitely 10 other people, in fact there's a thousand other people… the wrong people. That's ego talking. Put it aside. Do not take that mentality, especially when you are filling a revenue generating role. Your goal as a sales manager is to fill that seat with a sales representative who you believe is going to drive revenue and help YOU reach your number. Don't undercut a talented sales representative who brings all the pieces to the table. They will get insulted and walk from the offer. You'll be back to the drawing board, which takes time and time equals money.

If compensation is a major concern, choose to hire the sales representative with a close skill match. You may be able to offer a slightly lower compensation package in exchange for the additional training needed to perform the job.

No matter what scenario you decide, make it a win-win for everyone. As a corporation, you will gain loyalty and commitment from your employees.


Published On: December 19th, 2011Categories: Best Hiring Practices, Blog News, Sales Recruiting

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