Sales 2.0 is a conference sponsored by Selling Power to introduce sales professionals to the new methodologies and technologies that can help accelerate sales growth.  In today's world, buyers are smarter and more educated than ever before, as a result corporations must communicate and share ideas to support the true needs of potential customers today.  Today's market is centered around collaboration; companies working together to build businesses and industries. 

The Sales 2.0 conference was held on May 21st in Boston and was attended by some of the nation's most innovative and technologically advanced companies.  The conference was unique in nature and instead of the standard sales pitch from a company's executive, we as attendees had a chance to hear from the sponsor's clients and then ask questions in an open forum.  In this market, we don't want to hear the standard pitches where companies over promise and under deliver, we want to hear about how it works and what the products/services can actually do for our business. 



The future of selling is here and the Sales 2.0 conference delivered the message that businesses need to collaborate in order to build new enterprises and industries.  The majority of the products presented were solutions about how to increase your sales.  From Lead Generation, Customer Engagement, Sales Process and Analytics / Compensation Management, the leaders and innovators of these processes were at Sales 2.0.   For more information, check out