Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are one of the most important data points used by executives to grow revenue in today's economy.  In order to succeed you must create a dashboard of the correct KPI to monitor and direct your sales force.  The market has changed so radically and so quickly that if you don't monitor your KPI on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis your team may be focusing their sales efforts on an out dated set of values.  What was required from your team six months ago has now changed. 



Is your team working hard but still missing their revenue goals?  If so, they may be lost.  Recognize it is not their fault but in fact the absence of direction.  As an executive, make sure you define your KPI and monitor this data.  Look for trends and educate your team.  The key to survival in this market is adaptability.  KPI will help your company stay flexible in this ever changing market.  Move quickly before your team is outdated. 





At Treeline we focus on KPI and this is what keeps our sales force on track.  This has given our company the ability to move quickly in this unpredictable market and adapt to many external forces that are out of our control.  We have a strong understanding of what activity is pertinent to our success and we manage to it. 




Are you using KPI to monitor your sales force?