It's a job seeker's market, here's what you need to knowIf you’re looking to hire talented sales professionals, get in line. 2016 continues to be a job seeker’s market. As the unemployment rate decreases, the demand for top sales talent seems to increase. The good news is the need for talent means the economy is growing and companies are hiring. The bad news is companies are facing the challenge of being unable to effectively recruit and hire sales professionals. Since there is a growing demand for sales talent, companies must compete with the rest of the market. Job seekers have options and that means you need to fight for talent. The reality is if your hiring strategy has not adapted to the candidate-driven market, you will continue to lose out on top candidates.

Bottom line, it’s a job seeker’s market. Here’s what you need to know.

Location: Recruit in the Right Places

Unfortunately, if you’re relying on the post and pray approach of job boards you’re missing the mark. Posting jobs builds brand, but it is purely inbound and a passive approach to recruiting. You can’t tell who is a perfect fit by merely matching a resume to a