Maintain Long-Term Success As A Top Sales Manager By Offering Products And Services As Solutions, Not Commodities

Written by Ralph Burns, a consistently top-performing sales manager with over 20 years of sales and sales management experience, the goal of the blog is to inform, entertain and interact with sales managers and aspiring sales managers in every industry, experience level and walk of life. The job of [...]

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212 Degrees: The Difference Between the Rainmaker and the Average Sales Professional

As a sales manager, one of your greatest responsibilities is to motivate your team. It is your job to build an enthusiastic and energetic environment that breeds an attitude of endurance, persistence and winning. Every sales manager has their own motivational tactics that they've used, but every once in [...]

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Do Sales Spiffs Work?

The topic of the sales spiff has always been a mysterious one.  Most sales organizations have some sort of "spiff program" that they have designed to motivate sales professionals to perform certain duties.  Perhaps they're looking to create competition within the sales force to drive revenue or they just [...]

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Managing Your Sales Team’s Morale During A Down Economy

As a Sales Manager, maintaining positive mental energy on your team is a consistent challenge in any economy.  With unemployment at 8.5%, Dooms Day News Reports all over the media and huge percentages of sales teams being wiped out or dissolved all together the challenge can seem impossible.  With most companies cutting back to smaller and smaller sales [...]

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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are one of the most important data points used by executives to grow revenue in today's economy.  In order to succeed you must create a dashboard of the correct KPI to monitor and direct your sales force.  The market has changed so radically and so quickly that if you don't [...]

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