The Competition is Heating Up!

As a search firm exclusive to recruiting sales professionals for sales positions, we are definitely seeing a shift in the job market. We have noticed that the percentage of companies that are hiring today verses in Q1 is much greater. As a result, sales reps have the luxury of turning down job offers because they have more than one offer to choose from. Moving forward, as we continue to see this shift grow, the search process for hiring managers will become more challenging and at times frustrating. There’s nothing more disappointing than your projected sales superstar declining your offer and instead accepting a job with your competition. Things are definitely heating up!

According to the 2012 Sales Hiring Trends Report – The Emerging War for Sales Talent: “One clear finding is sales hiring and retention will become a major issue for many organizations in the coming year. In 2012 we project that the pressure on sales leaders and HR managers to recruit, hire and retain high-performing sales organizations will become much more intense than over the past five years. As companies increase headcount and the sales talent market tightens, sales recruiting will pose one of the most daunting challenges for business leaders.

For most companies, sales positions are critical to a companies growh. Without sales, there is no company. The reality is that most companies are looking to add headcount to their sales team. The Bureau of Labor reports that the number of sales jobs will grow at a rate of 7% to 13% over the next nine years. Organizations have started putting their resources into sales and stepping up to the plate with more attractive offers to entice talent away from their competitors.

Get ready for the battle. The companies that are winning have solid company branding, hire with a sense of urgency, and have a clear and easy internal hiring process Sales Positions.

Published On: April 23rd, 2012Categories: Blog News, Sales Recruiting, Sales Trends

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