Social Media to Build BusinessHow Social Media Has Changed Communication

The way people interact and communicate has changed over the years. We've seen social media take over and people connect in a whole new way. Networking has literally taken on a new meaning. Companies and people have become much more visible. We now have access to CEOs and hiring managers, we search for jobs online, we shop online and we even acquire more "friends" online.

Still, today, people are reluctant to use social media. There is a fear of total transparency as well as a misunderstanding on how to use it. Even though these concerns are warranted, social media offers the opportunity to reach viewers in a completely different way.

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the most popular sites out there, growing each day. They provide an optimal way to connect with viewers and potential buyers. All these tools are available to grow your business, you just need to tap into their capabilities.

It seems like a lot and some may not know where to start, so how do you keep up and utilize all these social media channels?

Know Your Audience

First, answer the question "who is the target audience?" You have to make sure your message is being received and heard. If you sell furniture but are posting ads in travel groups on LinkedIn, chances are your discussions are being ignored. Make sure you