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How to Crush the First 90 Days at Your New Sales Job

01.19.16   |   Job Search & Career   |   David DeMelo, Vice President of Sales at Treeline, Inc.

You did it. You just accepted the next step and challenge in your sales career. You signed the offer letter, resigned and you are about to embark on your new journey. Your first 90 days are critical as this is when you immerse yourself into a new role and will be inundated with a new set of skills, knowledge and learning experiences. You want to fully throw yourself into this new role to not only challenge yourself but ultimately set yourself up for success.

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Hiring Managers, Watch Out For these 7 Red Flags During the Interview

01.15.16   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Mike Stone, Consultant at Treeline, Incorporated

The interview process can reveal a lot about a person that a resume cannot. Even though your intention is not to look for the worst in people, you are looking for the right person for your company. This is your chance to vet out the serious players from the not so serious candidates. Here are 7 red flags you should consider during process.

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How to Use Online Company Reviews in Your Job Search

12.14.15   |   Job Search & Career   |   David DeMelo, Division Manager at Treeline, Inc.

Are you finding that your job search is a product of reading company reviews? We are currently in a world that has changed significantly. We have the capability of getting information from simply clicking a button. We are information hungry. We don’t know the answer, we Google it. We want reviews, we click on Yelp, Glassdoor, Rotten Tomato, Imdb and the list goes on and on. We seek the opinion of friends, family, significant others, co-workers etc.

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How to Hire an Inside Sales Manager

12.14.15   |   Sales Recruiting   |   Sean Cashman, Division Manager at Treeline, Inc.

More and more organizations are building a strong inside sales model and are looking to add inside sales professionals to their growing teams. In order to grow your business, you need strong leadership in place. It’s not enough to just hire the best. You need to have leaders in place that can also hire, onboard, train and scale their own sales teams through proven metrics. When you have strong sales leaders in place and a strong sales model, along with a great recruiting strategy, you will have the most success in landing the best sales talent.

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10 Questions to Ask in a Sales Job Interview

12.11.15   |   Job Search & Career   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline Incorporated

One of the most over looked but important parts of any interview is asking questions of the interviewer. I cannot count how many times I have received unfavorable feedback from a client that the candidate didn’t ask any questions. By asking questions you are indicating your interest in the position and that you are taking the search seriously.

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Meet Treeline's Newest Hire-Carolyn

11.05.15   |   Treeline   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Inc.

Treeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Carolyn Malloy. Carolyn has the passion, drive and positive outlook that have helped her pursue a successful sales career. Carolyn loves working with people and collaborating in fast-paced and team-oriented environments. She participated in sports throughout college while doing marketing internships. She played Division I field hockey at Northeastern University. She has worked as an Assistant Field Hockey Coach at Boston College and understands the importance of being part of a team.

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Meet Treeline's Newest Hire-Nicole

10.21.15   |   Treeline   |   Chelsey Canavan, Marketing Manager at Treeline, Incorporated

Treeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Nicole Giggie. Nicole has the experience, knowledge and positive outlook that have helped her pursue a successful sales career. Nicole loves taking on new challenges and her competitive spirit enables her to overcome every obstacle. She has love for working with people and a motivation to help others. Since Nicole was in college, she has worked in different sales environments that have enabled her to hone her customer service and sales skills.

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