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Treeline Partners with Wonderfund MA for the 6th Year

I love the holidays. I love being able to celebrate with family and friends, relax in my pajamas all day (without judgement), close out a great year with co-workers, and recharge for the New Year. But my favorite part of the holidays is giving back. It’s the time of [...]

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5 Every Day Hacks to Improve Your Sales Craft

It’s your first month at a new sales job, and like many eager sales reps, you can’t wait to hit the phone and close your first deal. As you begin to make dials and get into the daily grind of the role, it’s possible you’ll hit some roadblocks and [...]

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DISC Profiles Help You Understand the 75% of Clients Who Aren’t Wired Like You Are

If all of your clients were exactly alike, sales would be a breeze. If each customer had the same needs and each operated with the same motivation, your job would be easy. The truth is that your job depends heavily on human behavior, which varies greatly from person-to-person. More [...]

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Why It’s Time for an All-New Approach to Needs Assessment

{Pre-Order Your Book Now>>} It’s time to transform the old-school, sounds-like-a-survey, ho-hum needs assessment interview into a rich, engaging two-way dialogue with buyers. Why? Because: Buyers don’t have time or patience for sellers’ self-serving Socratic questions. Buyers don’t want to be sold and resist sharing information that overtly sets [...]

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What is Inbound Recruiting And How Do You Do It?

9 Tips to Attract, Engage, Convert, and Hire By now you’ve heard the term Inbound Marketing. It’s not a “new idea,” but it still seems foreign to many companies. Essentially companies implement strategies around content, SEO, social media, email marketing, and blogs to drive people to their site by ranking [...]

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Are Reference Checks Outdated? When and Why Employers Still Use Them

What is a reference check? A reference check is a step some companies choose to complete at the final stage of an interview process. Hiring managers will ask a candidate, who they are considering extending an offer to, for a list of former employers/co-workers/managers who they have permission to [...]

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Have a Sales Job Interview? Ask These 36 Questions

Wondering What Questions to Ask in Your Next Sales Job Interview? We’ve Got You Covered. The job interview isn’t only about a hiring manager qualifying you on your experience, skillset, and interest in the role. It’s also an opportunity for you to figure out whether or not this [...]

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3 Presentation Techniques That Will Up Your Sales Game

Imagine you’ve been working on a significant opportunity for several months. You’ve invested long hours with all of the key players and it’s almost time to go to contract. The final step is a simple “show-n-tell” presentation that you need to deliver to the executive committee. All you need [...]

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How to Close an Interview So You’re Never Left Wondering

Did you interview for a sales job a few weeks ago and it’s been radio silence? The hiring manager or recruiter have not gotten back to you and you have no idea where you stand in the hiring process. It can be frustrating and even disappointing, especially if you are [...]

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An Interview Horror Story: 10 Scare Tactics to Ruin a Job Interview

For job seekers and hiring managers alike, there’s nothing more terrifying than having an unforgettable interview…and not the good kind. Don’t get me wrong interviews can certainly be uncomfortable, but typically they are conversational and educational. They help you, the job seeker, and the hiring manager get to know [...]

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