Who Are You Taking #1 In Your Fantasy Sales Draft?!

When you are building your sales team, you might look at it through a similar lens of building your Fantasy Football team. The National Football League season starts this tonight but all of the Fantasy Football leagues have already chosen their teams. After much research and a live [...]

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Job Boards Vs. Traditional Sales Recruiting

How are you getting candidates into your pipeline? Do you only post on your website or depend on referrals? Job boards are not new to the sales recruiting world but they have evolved over the last decade. They are still a popular choice for hiring managers that are [...]

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Sales Recruiters’ Tip: Don’t Have Champagne Taste On A Beer Budget

How do you know what you are looking for when hiring for your next open sales position? 90% of our clients say they know exactly what they are looking for but what we have found is that the majority of them don't know what they are looking for [...]

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We Only Hire Employed Candidates

Wait. What?! Why?! It has never made sense to me when a company makes this part of their hiring criteria.  As a recruiter, this is a simple way to eliminate motivated top talent and shrink an already competitive talent pool.  I am not saying that every unemployed sales [...]

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Read Between the Lines: Find a Great Candidate From a ‘Bad’ Resume

Many people think recruiters simply match job requirements to resumes. For any recruiter that is good at their job, this is a myth. At Treeline, we are solely focused sales recruiting, the advancement of sales professionals and there are so many factors that go into what makes a [...]

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How to Avoid the Counter Offer

When you lose a candidate to a counter-offer, you may be asking what could you have done differently to close them, but as the great Vin Diesel once said “You almost had me? You never had me – you never had your car.” It starts at the beginning.   [...]

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Incorporate Your Core Values into the Recruitment Process

If you are struggling to hire the talent you need to hit your headcount and revenue goals, maybe it’s time to revamp your recruiting process and interview process. Most companies today are hiring for skills and corporate fit which is great, but hiring for matching core values is [...]

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Recruit & Hire Better Sales Talent Than Your Competition

Are you the biggest player in your industry or are you fighting for market share? If you are like most of our clients, you are constantly trying to set yourself apart and attract top sales talent. All of our clients have one thing in common: they want the [...]

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It’s Not Too Late to Catch Up on Your Missed Headcount Goals

We might be in June but there is a snowball effect to missing your headcount. With your hiring goals being watched by all VP's in the company, you need to ensure you make up for the first half of the year. In a company with 50-100 employees, you [...]

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4 Outside the Box Recommendations for Sales Recruiting

Are you struggling to fill your sales roles, it might be time to rethink the process and the ideal sales candidate. Thinking outside the box to meet your headcount goals, increase employee longevity and create a great company culture is crucial in today’s market. You never want to [...]

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