Where is all of the sales talent?

10 reasons you fail to hire salespeople - Treeline Sales RecruitersWe have companies asking us that very question every day. Companies have a need to hire salespeople to grow their businesses, but often face the challenges of identifying, recruiting, and hiring top sales talent.

They need a pipeline of qualified candidates.

Most of our clients tell us that they are posting jobs and advertising like crazy, but aren’t receiving the quantity or quality of sales candidates they were hoping for.


One of the most common reasons why sales management and HR professionals have a difficult time hiring sales reps is simply because they ran out of network.

Typical Scenario: You Ran Out of Network

You called everyone you know and everyone they know. You’re connecting on LinkedIn, going through your database, paying to post on job boards, and screening a stack of resumes. Still, no hire.

It’s hard to believe, but you’re still not talking to enough people…or the right people:

  • Hiring managers are in denial and believe their network can support their hiring needs
  • Your network, even though it is very strong, is not effective
  • Ego delays the discovery process and realization that your network will not produce the results you need

The Result: No Pipeline

Recruiting is sales and like sales, it’s activity driven. If you are not talking to enough sales candidates it’s because you are not driving enough traffic to your company, brand, and job. Conversely, you may also be too selective. Either way, you’re missing out the sales candidates you need to be interviewing.

As a result you will miss your hiring goals because:

  • Your network alone is not a sustainable solution to hiring sales talent
  • You lose touch with the talent pool you need most
  • Your career grows and your network changes
  • Your past colleagues actually compete with you for the sales talent you need

The Solution: Tap into Bigger Networks

Like we always say, hiring top sales professionals for your team will cost you time and money. If you have a bigger recruiting budget, you will require less time to build your candidate pipeline. If you have less of a budget to invest in recruiting, you will need to spend more of your time manually sourcing. You need to adjust your sales recruiting solution accordingly.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Invest time and effort in the weakest part of your network
  • Consistently connect with sales talent on LinkedIn
  • Find trusted partners to share your brand and build your network
  • Build a distribution model around your sales recruiting and leverage social tools to build your network and personal brand.
  • Access larger networks by building partnerships with companies like Treeline

And if you are getting enough traffic to your sales jobs but still have not made a hire…you are probably facing another one of the main 10 reasons companies fail to hire salespeople.

Unlock and conquer all 10 reasons companies fail to hire salespeople. Download your free guide here.

Start hiring top sales performers for your sales force today!

Download 10 Reasons You Fail to Hire Salespeople - Sales Recruiters


Published On: April 13th, 2017Categories: Best Hiring Practices, Blog News, Sales Recruiting

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