Top 10 Reasons Why You Didn't Get The Job

10. When a potential employer called you to schedule a job interview, you didn't answer the phone, which normally is not an issue. As you would expect the potential employer decided to leave you a message. However, after listening to your voice mail greeting which was solely comprised of Cypress Hill chanting the chorus "Insane in the membrane…..Insane in the brain!" a few times, she determined that it was quite possible that you actually were not the candidate she was seeking to fill the position and promptly hung-up the phone.

If you are seeking a job and you have submitted r?sum?s and applications to potential employers, it's likely that you are also expecting them to contact you in order to schedule interviews. Although your voicemail greeting is yet another way to express your personality, you may want to consider removing the cool hip-hop, rock, obnoxiously funny, or possibly misconstrued greeting from your voice mail and replacing it with a more traditional "I'm not available at this time" greeting.

9. A potential employer reviewed your r?sum? and became interested in you as a possible candidate to fill the job vacancy. She decided that she would email you information about a job interview and the company. However, when she discovered that the information was to be addressed to [email protected], she became a wee bit leery about a possible manslayer as her future employee. Needless to say, you never received a response from that company after your r?sum? was submitted.

DeathStalker1570, PartyGirl14, or whatever the email address describing you maybe, should be used for friends, family and unimportant contacts. A potential employer should not get a glimpse of your personality, or perhaps a negative personality trait through your email address. Email accounts are free. If necessary, create an account that is dedicated to your job search and check it daily. If it were up to you, who would you contact for an interview, [email protected] or