When you are building your sales team, you might look at it through a similar lens of building your Fantasy Football team. The National Football League season starts this tonight but all of the Fantasy Football leagues have already chosen their teams. After much research and a live draft, all the teams are chosen and the head to head match-ups are about to be underway. If you are like my league, you have a prize (cash and bragging rights) for the winner and repercussions for the losing team. So how do you recruit sales talent that will crush your competitors sales team – aka – build a fantasy roster that is reality. 

Step 1: Know Who You Want

Just like picking a fantasy team you need to determine what kind of person you need on your team. Do you want them to come from a sales background, inside sales, outside sales, etc? Do they need to have certain characteristic traits? I would look internally for these answers, take a look at your top performers and the skills, personality and background they come from. Don’t reinvent the wheel, use what works and replicate it. 

Step 2: Have a Clear Process to Get Them Into Your Pipeline

Once you know what you want, you need to determine your process. You