Amanda Musto Promoted from Social Media Marketing Representative to Marketing Manager

Social Media took center stage here at Treeline last year. As our online presence increased by over 75%, so did our ability to reach our clients and candidates. By using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, our "Sales 2.0" approach proved to be a successful way to keep our clients and candidates informed on our latest job opportunities and sales trends. We are able to build relationships and better serve our sales community because of our ability to effectively communicate using social media outlets.

Treeline's social media efforts are lead by Amanda Musto. Her goal is to efficiently market Treeline's services to companies looking to hire sales professionals and candidates seeking new sales opportunities. She successfully implemented a social media plan, which resulted in an online community of sales professionals that work with Treeline. As a result of her hard work, determination and creativity, Amanda has been promoted to Marketing Manager.

Congratulations Amanda Musto!