Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Dear Dave,

I recently found out that the company I've worked at for the past four years is going to be restructuring and making changes in the sales department. While I've been contemplating moving on in my career I hesitate launching my search for a better sales opportunity. I am a top producer and doing very well where I am, however the restructuring of my department is concerning. I decided that it's time to actively search for a new sales opportunity.

I realize that the upcoming holiday season might have an impact on my job search. Do you think that I should wait until after the New Year to start introducing myself to hiring managers and networking with my colleagues, or should I start now?

Should I stay or should I go?!

Great question! This time of the year can be quite hectic and if you cannot fully invest yourself in your job search than it might be a better idea to stay at your current job and see what happens to your sales department. However, if you are committed to your job search, have the time and you're willing to put in the hard work that goes into finding a new sales opportunity then start making some introductions.

Don't let the holiday season deter you from putting yourself out there. Companies are hiring in record time during this time of the year; they need to fill headcount by the end of the year and are seeking top talent to fill the pipeline for 2012.

Since you are still employed and will be taking time off it is a good idea to organize your job search and time your interviews accordingly. Since no two companies have the same hiring process it is crucial to uncover the steps of the hiring process and have an approximation of when they will hire.

It all starts with you. Are you ready for your job search? If so, qualify each opportunity. Changing careers is a risk, but if you put in the time and effort you will be rewarded. The holiday season does have its challenges, but as long as you are open, up front and ask the right questions you are bound to find success in your new sales opportunity.


Published On: November 14th, 2011Categories: Blog News, Interview Advice, Job Search and Career

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