Trends and Expectations for 2013…

Treeline Sales Recruiting

Knowledge, experience, and discretion can’t be removed from the candidate sourcing process; all attempts to do so have failed to live up to the promise.

First, some of the commonly used technologies are simply not consistent enough to garner a net value add for the time and money invested. For example, resume parsing technology is commonly used to acquire the data necessary to drive candidate matching and scoring. Unfortunately, simple format and program variables (e.g. .doc, .docx, .pdf) negatively impact reliability. Second, the underlying matching algorithms are only as good as the data on which they “match” candidates with open roles. The data structure that drives the process (by way of system integration or candidate entry) needs to be function specific and then scored appropriately.

When effective, technology-enabled solutions provide a truly useful presentation of candidate information and also generate meaningful matching. This is a tremendous foundation on which to then apply knowledge, experience, and discretion. It’s all about precision: speed and releva