The Importance of Coaching                        Read the challenger sale

We recently shared a review of “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson of CEB.

The Challenger Sales Model is a framework for solution selling enabled by organizational capabilities and Sales management fundamentals. “The Challenger Sale” outlines three primary attributes of manager excellence as reflected in CEB data, “Selling, Coaching, and Owning”.  This blog focuses on the coaching attribute.   Why?  Embracing and evolving towards the Challenger Sales Model requires ongoing commitment, change management, trust, collaboration, and discipline.  Effective coaching can provide the transformative influence along this path; here are a few tenets reflected in the book:

  • Coaching is not training; coaching is the hands-on application of prior training and skills development.
  • Coaching is connected to the actual sales process.
  • Coaching is based on desired behaviors, not tangible outco