Man ?

The title is pretty straight forward, so here they are:

  • Professional Attire – Always:

    • This is an easy one but many times underestimated. Don't make the mistake of going on a 1st interview wearing a button down shirt and khakis. Real simple – Guys, dark suit (blue, black, or grey), white or blue shirt, and a conservative tie. Clean shaven, no piercings. Gals, corporate attire and close toed shoes. You might have more style to offer but they are not going to hire you because or your style – but it is a very real possibility that they will not move you forward because of your style. Keep it simple and clean for the interview – show off your style after you get hired.

  • No Cell Phone – Off or Leave it in the Car. No Mute Button.

    • Do I need to say more than this? It doesn't matter what you have going on, if your cell phone goes off or you look at your phone – you are telling the person you are meeting with that they are not the priority. Huge red flag. You can afford to go off the grid for an hour.

  • Padfolio with Copies of Your Resume, Paper to Take Notes and a Pen That Works.

    • Not a manila folder, not a note book, not a trapper keeper. Go to Staples and spend $10 on a leather padfolio with a note pad in it. And even