At Treeline our purpose is to promote the good in every person. We partner with many wonderful sales professionals and work hard to positively change their lives by advancing their careers. These 12 sales influencers are just a glimpse of some of the leaders that we believe can help you become a better salesperson. You may not have an opportunity to follow each of these influencers religiously but we are certain that you can learn from each one of them. They all have something to teach and we are certain that by following them you will continue to learn and grow your sales career.

1. John Barrows –

John is the President of JBarrows Sales Training and a leader in the sales training industry. JBarrows offers customized sales training to some of the world’s most successful selling organizations including, LinkedIn, Box and many more. We have known John for many years and he is truly an innovator in his field and he provides valuable content for growing sales professionals. He is not only a great guy and a person worth following but also the author of “I Want To Be In Sales When I Grow Up.”

2. Lori Richardson –

You likely already know Lori Richardson’s name. She is a Salesforce top sales influencer, a Women In Sales champion, Podcast Host and so much more. Lori is the person that takes lemons and turns them into lemonade. She started her career as a SDR and worked her way into sales leadership at companies like Apple and IBM. Lori is a game changer that helps fix sales team issues. She is a leader in the field of sales and an energetic positive charge person that works best with big picture thinkers.

3. Donald Kelly –

Donald Kelly is just a great guy. He is positively charged, charismatic and a dedicated contributor to all sales professionals looking to become top producers in their field. His podcast The Sales Evangelist is excellent and full of insight and ideas. His audience includes listeners in 158 countries and he has had more than 2 million downloads. Donald is a top sales influencer who’s podcast has been recognized as a place to find the kind of information sellers need to grow and improve.

4. Becc Holland –

We had the pleasure of working directly with Becc on her hiring initiatives, but we’re not biased! Becc serves as an advisory board member for several sales oriented groups and brings a ton of content to the table. Becc started her own company, Flip the Script, in 2020 where she works extensively with sales professionals on how to book more meetings, close more deals & drive more revenue. Did we mention that she also traveled the US in a bus to offer free coaching sessions with other sales gurus? Pretty cool!

5. Josh Braun –

Josh is super creative, analytic and bad ass. His approach to sales is logical, his personality is genuine and his feedback is honest. Josh’s podcast is about selling without selling your soul and he offers many free videos on his website including How to deal with a barking dog or Casting vs Catching and many more. Josh is hosting an upcoming event Discovery Call Mistake on January 25th on LinkedIn Live if you want to check him out!

6. Cynthia Barnes –

Founder of Barnes Sales Institute and the National Association of Women Sales Professionals, Cynthia has a unique understanding of what it takes for women sales professionals to reach the top 1%. Thrive, her women-centric sales training and coaching, has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. Cynthia is a champion for women in sales and shares her advice on Salesforce for Sales, Diversity and How It Can Create a Thriving Sales Team.

7. Rob Jeppsen –

Rob brings over a decade of experience to the table and really helps Sales Leaders get to the next level through his executive coaching program. Rob is the Host of “The Sales Leadership Podcast.” He features top sales leaders and digs into strategy and how they build a lasting culture of success to scale their sales organizations. If you’re looking to take your sales leadership skills to the next level, or position yourself for a management position, Rob’s tips can certainly help you get there.

8. Marcus Chan –

Marcus has been featured on LinkedIn, Salesforce and Forbes as a top voice for the sales community. His posts are upbeat, energetic and he shares tools on how to succeed in sales by finding your own voice. He offers a free webinar for B2B sales professionals, the 6-Figure Sales Academy, where you will learn to “Sell More. Sell Better.”

9. Jackie Hermes – ​

Jackie may not stick out immediately as a sales influencer since she runs a successful marketing firm, Accelity, but we all know sales and marketing go hand in hand and you need both to be successful. Jackie is an entrepreneur and is so uplifting! In addition to sharing how to create successful inbound marketing strategy for lead generation, she shares life advice and a positive outlook.

10. Morgan J Ingram –

Morgan has been featured in Forbes, Sales Hacker, the Hubspot blog, and the Harvard Business Review. He highlights how to help sales professionals and organizations on how to prospect, use modern day sales techniques, cold calling with confidence, and leveraging social media. He is a sales representative himself but is also a sales coach and trainer. Not only are his posts motivational but he also hosts a podcast and YouTube channel on how to motivate sales reps throughout their career. For someone that is early on in their career in sales, he provides great content on how to level up and be successful.

11. Mor Assouline –

Mor is the founder of FDTC Sales Training that focuses on helping Account Executives and Sales leaders on how to be more successful on closing deals. He offers one on one training and downloadable content. He shares his story on how he went from leaving his first sales job on day one to becoming a successful sales leader. His posts are positive and focus on helping sales professionals become more successful.

12. Corporate Bro –

Because sales is tough and sometimes you need a good laugh. Ross Pomerantz is the founder of Corporate Bro, his motto is “S.A.D.N.E.S.S. – [SALES ARE DOPE NEVER EVER STOP SELLING]” and we couldn’t agree more! We love when Ross reenacts bad/hard/crazy sales calls because we’ve all been there.

Published On: January 21st, 2022Categories: Blog News, Sales Success, Sales Trends, Social Networks

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