What do you do when the last job on your resume ended a year ago? What do you do when you are applying for a job and the interviewer asks, "What have you been doing most recently?" and all you can think of is, "I have been looking for a job." Unfortunately, in this market, this is a regular occurrence in interviews.

If you are embarrassed or feel awkward because there is a huge gap in your resume from your last role…don't be. You are not alone, in fact, you have a lot of company. Where you can stand out in the crowd is how you answer the dreaded question, "What have you been doing lately?"

Some of you have been working part time doing retail, some of you have been doing contract work, some of you went to work for a friend and helped to start something, some of you have played a lot of video games – however, one thing remains constant: all of you have been out of work and have to answer to that. My point in bringing this up in a blog is to put it in front of you so you will begin to think about your answer. If you have not prepared an answer to this question, you are at a complete disadvantage – it is just as important as preparing an answer to "What are your strengths?"

The unemployment rate is dancing around 10%, again you are not alone but it does not mean that you are not going to be held accountable for your present status. You must first take responsibility for being unemployed, let's face