Carpe Diem!

Since the beginning of time, change, improvement and new ideas have been welcomed and even embraced (sometimes even inspired) by leaders in every pocket of our economy. Innovation and change have fueled the greatest economic system in the world called Capitalism.

A couple of clicks on an iPAD over Wi-Fi, through Google, to Wikipedia yields the following definition of innovation: "Innovation is the improving of an existing product, service, system or process and the introduction of something better. The term derives from the Latin innovationem, the noun of action from innovare…and stemming from the Latin innovatus, pp. of innovare 'to renew or change,' from in- 'into' + novus 'new.'" [Source:]

Carpe diem is commonly translated in popular culture as "Seize the Day." Many believe the origin of the phrase was a work by the Roman Poet Horace. However, I prefer Robin Williams movie quote from, "Dead Poets Society," in which he plays English professor John Keating: "…carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary." [another thank you for the innovative]

Fun history lesson, but what's my point? I'll get there, I promise…

I'm thinking specifically about the space in which the large and growing DADO community collectively directs its passion – the process and practices by which companies find top sales athletes, and the ways in which sales professionals propel their candidacy and careers.

The job boards deserve credit for bringing innovation into the job search domain in the mid to late 1990's. These leaders truly innovated. and HotJobs (which are now consolidating) and CareerBuilder had combined revenue in 2009 of over $1 billion USD. These sites register over 50 million unique visitors per month, but this activity is not translating into progress for their primary stakeholders – Corporations emerging from the economic downturn, Hiring Managers, and Job Seekers.

Do you agree as Sales and Organization Leaders that the followin