This is my favorite advertisement of the year. This is a DowJones advertisement from the Wall Street Journal. It is incredibly creative and is amazingly effective at connecting Charles Darwin with today's selling climate.

The advertisement continues with this paragraph:

"Sales has evolved into a tough profession that puts busy people under intense pressure to constantly hit their numbers. To succeed today, a salesperson needs to close deals – not waste time searching for information or making cold calls."

DowJones has also provided a free eBook that is excellent. It was created by Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer at CSO Insights and is called Successful Selling in Turbulent Times. 
Both this advertisement and eBook describe exactly what we are seeing in today's sales environment. As a sales exclusive search firm, we tend to be a hub of information for sales executives. Treeline is constantly in contact with sales executives, managers and sales representatives and we know exactly what is happening in the market. We see it at many different levels and from many different viewpoints. The point being, our belief is to share as much information with our sales community as we possibly can. For example, if you follow our newsletter you will notice that we recommend one tool we find to be effective, on a bi-monthly basis, for today's sales force. In September's issue of our newsletter we recommend trying Jigsaw.

Companies are ramping up and we see it firsthand. These companies conduct business differently. We find that they are forward thinkers and early adopters that seek new techniques to address evolving challenges in today economy. We see the traditional sales force struggling to adapt to the new market road blocks and challenges. They struggle with change and as a result, a new breed of competition is banging at the door. We have always been a wonderful resource for executives and sales people. Today's consumer is more educated than ever before. It is no longer about yelling at your customer to buy, it is about working together with them to create the best product together.

That is why I love this advertisement so much. I believe we will figure out how to sell together. Our sales community is growing aggressively each day and our goal is to help sales forces evolve. We need to share ideas and brainstorm as one community to succeed. Please share ideas and technology by becoming part of our community. Contribute to our blog, sales karma or with your consultant. We look forward to hearing from you.

Published On: September 29th, 2009Categories: Blog News, Sales Recruiting

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