One of the challenges for any sales manager, especially a fairly new manager, is conducting an effective sales meeting while consistently engaging your team.  It can be extremely difficult to supply your team with valuable information without erring on the side of boring lectures and mundane sales tips.  The purpose of a sales meeting is to engage your team, have the team participate and be able to share positive and constructive feedback. 



When I was first promoted to a sales manager, I inherited a team whose manager was recently promoted to a Director role.  He had a well oiled sales team in place and ran solid sales meetings.  I figured that since I already had the personal rapport with the members on the team, it would be easy for me to follow his template for the sales meeting and have it be a success.  Step 1:  Run through the forecast.  Step 2:  Talk about what's going on in the market.  Step 3:  Work in a little role playing if there is time.  Step 4:  Make an enthusiastic wrap up that pumps up the team.  It seemed easy enough.




My assumption had proven to be wrong when I looked out at the team during the meeting and realized that I wasn't keeping their attention, nor was I adding any value to them.  I could sense from the team that the meetings were a complete waste of their time and I needed to change my approach if these meetings were going to be saved.




It took me a little time to find a groove but I realized that solid sales meetings take ongoing preparation.  The meetings should be able to accomplish several things during a short amount of time.  One of the first challenges that I faced was, "What do I talk about after we finish forecast?"  What I settled on was on a weekly basis was to keep a running list of potential su