Sales Interview Lessons Learned from the Big Screen

I am a huge movie buff – I have a bit of an obsession with them. Half of my daily dialogue is stripped directly from the good and bad movies that I love. I decided to write a blog that would combine this obsession with another passion of mine – my job as a recruiter. As a sales recruiter, I have plenty of tales to tell about candidates, clients and the events that unfold throughout an interview process.

I have compiled the top Interviews that I have seen on the big screen (and small screen) and the lessons that you can learn from these scenes to make sure that you are a more effective interviewee. Enjoy.

1.) Monty Python – Mind Games: Especially in today's market, potential employers will use interview tactics and games to see how candidates will react. It is important to recognize this and not to get frustrated. Hang in there, assess the situation and respond…do not react.

2.) The Office – Do your home work. You don't have to be an expert on the role or the company but do some due diligence and know what you are walking into.

3.) The Office – Sell Yourself in the Interview – you want to make sure that you are talking about the benefits and value that you will bring to the company. Leave the talk about vacation and health benefits for later…or else they might not remember you.

4.) Pursuit of Happiness –Persistence is invaluable. It is not everything but it is a big piece. If you are an outstanding and qualified candidate, you are probably going after a position that has some heavy competition. Don't drop the ball by not going after it.

5.) You, Me and Dupree – Be confident and do not take yourself out of the process unless you are certain that it is not for you, otherwise you will never know what this opportunity holds for you. Hang in there, get through the process and get an offer – then make up your mind.

6.) Friends – Have you ever heard the expression that you have 2 ears and 1 mouth, use them proportionately. This is a classic example of talking the fish out of the boat.

7.) Good Will Hunting – This is a tricky one because in the scene, Ben Affleck's character is pretending to be Matt Damon's character. The lesson here is no matter how much love the potential employer is showing you, you cannot start the relationship off in a volatile manner…he did get the retainer, though.

8.) Step Brothers – Tux Interview: Dress for success and I have nothing for this one…just absolutely hysterical. I hope you enjoyed.


Published On: August 15th, 2011Categories: Blog News, Interview Advice, Job Search and Career

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