On December 2, 2010 Next Level, Inc., a sales management consulting firm, invited presidents, CEOs and managing partners, including Treeline, to an event called "Hiring Sales People Who Can Sell." Jim Ayraud, the CEO and Founder of Next Level identified how to find "A Players" in order to build a culture of success. In a nation where 55% of employees are unhappy at their job, Ayraud asserts, "Managers should always be prospecting. Use your Network and make sure that you are always marketing your company."

What to Look for When Hiring Your Next "A Player"

Three questions to ask:

  1. Does the candidate have ambition and drive?
  2. Does the candidate have the ability to control and close?
  3. Does the candidate have the ability to effectively build relationships?

How Does Someone Show They Have Qualities of an "A Player?"

Instead of qualifying candidates you should disqualify candidates.

Have a thorough hiring process:

  1. Phone interview: Ask questions, evaluate and make sure the candidate closes.
  2. Assessment: Have candidate take a test that measures their ambition and drive.
  3. Face-to-Face Interview: Conduct three separate interviews.

    1. Good cop
    2. Bad cop
    3. Neutral cop

What Are the Big Mistakes Hiring Managers Make?

Mistake #1:"Falling in Love."

Mistake #2: Rushing the hiring process.

Mistake #3: Not knowing what kind of person the company wants to join their team.

As an executive search firm that focuses exclusively on sales recruitment, Treeline prides itself in the ability to identify top sales talent among the countless candidates vying for our clients positions. We are constantly prospecting and networking; looking for ambitious and driven candidates that know how to build relationships and close deals. For each one of these "A players" we have helped them find a corporation that leverages their strength to build top producing sales organizations. This ensures success for both candidate and company and ultimately builds a long lasting relationship for all.

Join Our Network! Treeline, Inc. has created one of the largest sales communities on the internet.

Published On: December 6th, 2010Categories: Best Hiring Practices, Blog News

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