Best Practices for Hiring Sales People

Finding your perfect fit begins with defining your perfect fit. By this, we are really talking about defining the Sales characteristics which are more relevant for your particular open role.

The language companies often use to reflect and express criteria when communicating with the marketplace about their open roles is truly interesting. This is so curious because job posts often express that the company is looking for a person who is a "self starter," "good listener," "team player," "motivated," "organized," "strong communicator," etc., etc. These terms come from the sales archive and seem to be immortal. As a result, Sales people learn to speak in these same terms in sales interviews. The Sales person and Sales Hiring Manager might find themselves on the same page, but unfortunately it is often the wrong page, and wrong fit, for both.

So, what is the solution? Do we need to resort to complex profiles and personality indices to understand the inner workings of each Sales professional with scientific precision?

While some of these tools are effective, they can be time consuming, confusing, overly complex, and expensive. Even when these tools are used, finding the perfect fit is not always the outcome. While you might understand the candidate's characteristics that insight is mostly useless if you do not also understand the characteristics of your particular role, offering, and company.

Defining your perfect fit begins with defining the Sales person characteristics which are most relevant for your particular open sales position.

Here is an overview of the key characteristics that, together define what matters when hiring a sales professional:



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