Times are tough.  We have all been affected by the recession in one way or another.  But, if you're in a front line sales position going after new business, you are getting hit with the 'recession stick' several times a day.  It's tiring, discouraging and frustrating – it would be extremely easy to give up and move on but unyielding tenacity and ambition is what separates great professionals from the rest.  



Here at Treeline, we have an unbelievably genius saying and it's a motto that is getting me through this battle:  "Never let a good recession go to waste."  In other words, make more calls, reach higher on the food chain and strengthen your network – you will be in a great position when this recession ends and the economy is back on the rise.  




Business is slow and professionals seem to have more time on their hands.  I've found that the likelihood of a VP of Sales calling me back is much higher than it was only a year ago.  The call back is usually to tell me that they don't have the means at this time but wanted to thank me for my call and my follow up – that's fine!  Instead of developing a lead, I've taken that opportunity to build some strong rapport and create a relationship.  When the flip switches, I'm going to be off and running with my new network – while my competition will be trying to get back on the block.

This is a great time to reevaluate your company and its operations.  It allows you time to upgrade processes that will lead to running more efficiently and become a lean, mean revenue producing machine.  The companies who are going to excel in the future are the ones that make greater changes now. We've all been fighting the same battle but while your competition is retreating for the sake o