Sales Hiring costs both time and money, Sales Job BoardsGood News: Your company is growing and you are looking to build your sales team

Bad News: Hiring is expensive (time and money)

We’ve all heard the saying “you think hiring is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” Essentially, it means that hiring is costly but if you try hiring someone who is not qualified due to trying to avoid a cost you may end paying more in the end.

Hiring is essential to your company’s growth and sustainability and as a result job boards have been created to help solve hiring challenges. These job boards are essentially databases. They enable candidates to search for opportunities and allow companies to attract applicants by posting jobs. Most job boards are free for the job seeker but charge companies to advertise. Some job boards offer a 30 day free trial and have different price packages based on your hiring needs.

The idea behind the job boards is pay-to-post and wait for the applications to start flooding in. You hope the ideal candidate comes knocking at your door. Realistically, it is not that easy. You may find yourself not getting any traffic, or you may be inundated with unqualified candidates. The principle behind the job boards is pay more and get more. Depending on your budget you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars on job boards without getting a hire. You have your HR team sifting through the unqualified candidates, rather than focusing on screening qualified candidates.

To give you an idea of what it costs to post one job for 30 days on a job board site, I compiled a list of some of the popular pay-to-post job board sites.

Career Builder


Simply Hired

Sales Gravy





Wow, whether you have the budget to post or not, consider your ROI. These costs are only to advertise and do not include searching a resume database. Not including the time it takes your hiring team to screen candidates. Do you know your cost-per-hire? If not, it’s something to consider. The costs can add up.

Don’t get me wrong, I think job boards are a useful way to promote your company and open positions. Also, most job boards have thousands of job seekers on them so your posting is likely to draw some interest. Free job boards are out there too. However, free isn’t always better either, it usually requires more work to push your jobs through the network, but still a viable option.

Keep in mind there are thousands of job boards out there and many have been created with a target audience in mind like sales, media, healthcare, IT, etc. However, you are essentially paying and hoping the ideal candidate applies. It is more of a passive approach to hiring. Your job post may not be attracting the candidate pool you were hoping for. Ultimately, you need to weigh your risk of paying to post versus not paying to post.

Now ask yourself, shouldn’t you use a service that is more focused on pay-by-results? Since hiring is so critical to a company’s growth, you shouldn’t leave it to chance. And remember, I am not saying don’t post on job boards, or advertise on Google and LinkedIn, just understand you may end up paying more in the long run.

Is there a better solution? Okay, now it’s time for my guilty plug. When it comes to hiring sales talent, you need the combination of technology and people. Treeline recognized this gap in sales hiring and created a solution to drive relevant qualified sales candidates to companies open sales positions. Treeline’s Sourcing as a Service solution is not only cost-effective but it works. You can learn more here.

So next time you go to post a job, consider the real cost of hiring.

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Published On: June 11th, 2015Categories: Blog News, Sales Recruiting

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